Raising an Old Soul

IMG_1895My daughter was born 18 years ago, and I knew early on she was an old soul.  It happened one morning when I just wanted to sit and watch her play, I think she was 2 1/2.  She turned to me and pushed my hand and said, “Mommy, you don’t need to watch me.  I want to be play by myself.  I’m okay.”  I sat back and was amazed!  It was the first time that I realized she truly was her own entity visiting my life for a period.  I was actually grateful for that realization, because it caused me not to put any unnecessary attachments on her that would suffocate her growth.  Of course I love her to my core, but I came to the realization that morning that she wasn’t ‘mine’.  She was a soul visiting me for however long, and that we were to experience life together.

She has been my rock many times over.  We truly feel we are in a Soul Group meant to help each other grow in this lifetime.  She has taught me so much in these few years.  I am truly blessed.  It’s also hard to watch her struggle with the realities of this Earth.  From her trying to find her peer group, to seeing the atrocities that occur around us.  She has a greater vision for the world, and I am thankful these children souls are being born amongst us.

I hope to share what she’s taught me in these 18 years, and some of her insights for her generation.



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