Apples From the Teacher

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After 24 years in the classroom, I have some nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned from my amazing students and their parents.  I will be posting things I’ve learned in those years as a teacher and learner of life.

Although my teaching has changed to more of a mentor position, I feel there is a paradigm shift happening in Education; a much-needed shift that is coming from our very own students.  I will share my musings on how we can’t teach as we used to, and how we need to nurture these 21st Century souls!

I have taught for 24 years, receiving my Masters in National Board Teacher Leadership, and became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2009, and received my Gifted and Talented Endorsement in 2013.  I am now training teachers in Best Practices for their Gifted and Talented students, though I believe all students can benefit from these practices.

I introduced The MindUp Curriculum  into my classroom 7 years ago making a profound difference in the way I taught.  I will never teach without this powerful student self-regulating program imbedded into my teaching.  Gratefully, my school district is now adopting the curriculum into their Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).  I have seen students get off of ADHD medicines when practicing Core Practice and other self-regulating techniques that are taught through MindUp.  It is where we need to go in behavior management, because ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’

I am now segueing into a new career as an Educational Consultant.  Many years of praying to be a part of the great shift in education has finally paid off.  I hope to see the realization of the dreams of many stakeholders to bring technology and education to the masses.  I am now a part of that dream.  I will keep you posted as new developments come to pass.



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