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Although I went to college to become a teacher, I truly became a student of Life.  Raised in suburban Pennsylvania with my older sister and twin brother, I was taught not to question things as a young child, until I was able to spread my wings in the Real World, but I think I was always the rebel.  I knew there were other ways to think and do things, but I really didn’t have someone to mentor me.  Although I felt my thinking as a young girl were the most authentic thoughts I’ve had, life tends to sway you in other directions.  I truly believed I could do anything I put my mind to, however somewhere along the path I began to listen to others.  I stopped listening to my heart.  I wanted to become a veterinarian, or go into hotel management and travel the world, or maybe go into medicine and the nuclear sciences.  But that wasn’t to be the case.  I decided to become a teacher, though I wasn’t sure where that came from!

I went to the University of Maryland and graduated with a BS in Education.  Teaching ignited a passion inside me that I hadn’t known existed, or maybe it wasn’t allowed to thrive.  I had many revelations teaching children for over 24 years.  They brought amazing insights to the table, and their purity was so genuine.  They have taught me much on how we need to change our educational system, which I feel would change society as a whole!  Yes, those are pretty big ideals I’m seeking!

I am also a writer.  No, not because I have a blog, though now I have a place to play with it.  I began writing when I needed a creative outlet when I was trying to find my authentic self in 2001.  I literally had a dream that I was to be a writer, when I thought I was just going to take an art class the next day.  3 months later I was at the Tower of London researching my first novel, Churchill’s Raven.  Tales on that in another post.

I was with my husband for over 21 years, married for 18 of those years.  We were definitely a soul contract, since there was a lot to learn together, the good and the bad, and to have our daughter.  She was a gift, since she’s taught me so much.  I’ve also had very painful relationships that opened my eyes to the pain people self-inflict watching them either grow or fail.  I believe it is in these painful relationships, we are meant to learn our life lessons, should we choose to honor them or not. Once I came to the realization that the people in my life were there for a reason, it took on a whole new meaning of lessons to be learned, forgiveness, compassion and personal growth.  I’m grateful for what I’ve had to learn.

On a lighter note, I love to cook, paddle board, go on nature hikes and to foodie restaurants.  I want a cottage by the sea where I can garden and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Music is an important part of my day, and I love to laugh, so I’m often listening to comedy or reading David Sedaris!  Oh, and did I say write?!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Such a beautiful daughter in spirit as well as in person. It’s such a great accomplishment to be where you are at this time and also plan to be in the near future. My heartfelt thoughts of you are superior and give me the greatest pleasure to know that what I’ve known since you were a very young girl, God’s gifts have surfaced and have come to fruition. Such love and compassion serves you well. Much Love from your MOM ALWAYS


    • Well, I had a wonderful teacher! You and Dad have always believed in me, though I think you knew how I had to learn to believe in myself first. I am so excited about this next journey in my life, and glad I get to share it with you! Love you always, Debbie


  2. Your blog is fabulous. Although the prose is stupendous in most of the bloggers I have discovered, there are rarely ones which tug you heart. Please keep on with this personal style of writing. A true joy to have discovered you


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