Creating Films That Matter


I was asked recently what my films are about and the short answer is the Human Experience.  Of course they said, “Isn’t that what all films are about?”

Yes, in short they are, however I want to create films that make people walk away thinking that they can do the impossible, too.  Every one of my films speak to those people who view their life as impossible.  Overcoming adversity is a human condition, one that always feels impossible, until one day there is a catalyst of change.

It truly takes just one small thing to change in a person’s life to make a profound impact.

Trash of Angels takes place in South Carolina in the 1950’s during the Jim Crow Laws.  It flashes back to a scene where Avery Booth is beaten by his step-father and until he  is rescued by a negro garbage man, Barnaby Holmes.  Avery is taken under Barnaby’s wing and shown a completely new perspective in his town of Crescent Glenn.  It’s a story of  our ever-changing perspectives and how easily we are swayed by those around us.

I believe in people and their ability to grow.  I want to share that with my audiences.

Feeling Fulfilled


It took several years to get to the point in my life that I could honestly say,  “I feel fulfilled.”  This came through the realization that I was finally at peace by myself.  I could be anywhere at anytime and feel content to share that space alone and not feel desperate to have someone beside me.  This didn’t mean I didn’t want to share my life with someone.  I just didn’t feel the need to have someone there to feel fulfilled.


I wasn’t a needy child nor adult.  I was very comfortable being independent and doing things by myself.  Maybe I had it easier than most, but I did notice I could have gone down a different path if I didn’t start questioning myself why I wanted certain things or people in my life.

I have experienced many women friends unable to feel truly happy unless they were in a relationship.  Many of them also felt the need to surround themselves with things, only to feel the same once they put the items in a closet.

Our media has inundated us with people desperately needing to have things or someone in their life; clothing, home goods, an animal, another piece of something they are after.

Yet, I also noticed many people always reaching for “something else,” again and again and still feeling lack.

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Are You Too Practical for Your Own Good?


Practicing the life of a writer is much more fun than the practicality of it.  I could be bogged down with the fears of how was I going to make it, rather than the sheer joy of creating.

I am taking a leave of absence from teaching to heal myself from stress and begin my life as a writer.  It took me several years to finally get myself to this point and start my dream.

Why did it take so long? Life got in the way.  From being a mother and wife, then a divorce to freedom, I never found the inner strength I needed to believe in myself.

Then the pieces seemed to fall into place, once I allowed myself to see the signs.  Continue reading